Hi, I'm Dave Clayton, And wishing you a warm welcome to my site.

I am a Freelance landscape / Wildlife, And Wedding photographer, I also own and operate a professional film-scanning business.

I love being alone with the isolation solitude peace and remoteness and the isolation of photographing solo it gives me the concentration to focus on my photography without any distractions, It is very easy to be distracted from what you do in others company, even thou you maybe truly passionate about your photography.

As the Scottish highlands offer untamed and uncrowned locations,
This peacefulness gives me the ability to concentrate more on my photography.

And especially in the camper van some of my very memorable days have been spent parked away in a quiet wild camping spot enjoying the sights of the wider landscape and wildlife,
There are literally hundreds of beautiful locations around the Scottish highlands, where you can just park up in a wilderness area where you will want to keep all to yourself the camper gives you all the home comforts if a little smaller, but completely self sufficient.

When I say wild camping I don't mean parked up in a supermarket car park, Or motorway services. But away from civilisation. Such as allowed by the Scottish outdoor access code.

I research beforehand the particular area for the type of photography i require and the time of day and year, which also gives me a reason to immerse myself in these beautiful and inspiring regions. The two regions that draw me back time and again are the Highlands of Scotland, With its varied landscape,

And also not forgetting the Orkney Islands, Noted for its natural and Neolithic history as well as claiming some of the UK’s cleanest light. Both these regions of Scotland have me completely addicted.
Time and time again i find myself waiting for the next trip up north i love to explore these regions in my motorhome, which gives me time for total relaxation from a busy schedule, And it also gives me the unrivalled freedom and independence to visit natural, silent and remote environments with no rush, no schedules, no crowds, and only having to unpack once.

The opportunity to create a set of beautiful images of this austere and grandeur place is truly satisfying. I still work with medium format film, But mainly use digital now, I used to really enjoy processing and printing my own black and white and colour slides.
We are adding images and information on a regular basis. All the previewed images on this site are for sale. Should you require further information on any image sales please get in touch with me through my Contact link. Or if you wish to leave any comments, please do so via the Guestbook page.

Thank you for browsing clayton images.